Episode 81: How the Talented View Feedback

How can I use feedback to better enrich my life?

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Those that excel in their chosen field of endeavour have a very different relationship and idea of feedback than the rest of us. Feedback and peer review is an opportunity for advancement. It is an essential tool for improving in life, love and business.

How can we get better at utilising feedback to advance?

This episode looks at what the successful tend to do regarding feedback and getting the most out of it for themselves.

When we are truly open to enquiry about our present methods and approaches to life we increase our ability to reduce problems and maximise opportunities.

How do I become the kind of person who can really hear others rather than letting my own defences and attachments get in the way?

Episode 74: Enjoying Success Without The Guilt

Embracing our success

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Many of us learned a healthy work ethic from our family system. However, what many of us didn't learn was a healthy reward ethic!

Entrepreneurs, businesses owners and anyone working towards success and financial reward, may find that when they get there they are filled with guilt about taking advantage of what they have achieved.

What will my family think? What will my staff think?

Part of adult maturity is being able to see objectively both the strengths and weaknesses of the family system, tribe that we grew up in. Going forward we want to be the kind of people who can model healthy giving without draining ourselves and healthy receiving which isn't followed by a guilt, lack of deserving attack!

When we learn to functionally embrace our success and what comes with it, we give others permission to do the same.

I hope you find the episode helpful!

Episode 59: Understand How To Follow Before Trying To Lead

Why following is an essential business skill

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There is so much talk about developing the skills of good leadership out there. I feel that the skills of being a good follower are massively under valued as a way to advance your professional career.

One of the most consistent complaints I hear from Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and CEOs is that they can't get enough good people to help deliver and support on the business vision.

What are some of the qualities that make up an effective follower? What would be the benefits in developing those skills for myself further?

This episode explores the power of following and how vital to modern business these skills are.

Episode 32: Self-Awareness and Business Intelligence

The fundamentals of creating a successful business

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Marty Vids is back on the program for this episode. I have heard of him being described as the Happy Entrepreneur which I think is very fitting! Apart from his integrity he has the results on the board having build three businesses from start up to a million dollars turn over a year after tax! Less than 3% of small business owners in Australia achieve that once let alone 3 times!

In this episode we cover a wide range of elements fundamental to creating a successful business, interacting with others, managing set backs and mastering adversity. Marty has a wealth of knowledge and insight to share around modern business, you will really enjoy and take away value form this episode!

Episode 29: Communication Hierarchy and Business

Communicate effectively in a business hierarchy

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Following on from the last few episodes that have looked at soft skills and their importance particularly in business, Episode 29 looks at what is needed to communicate effectively in a business hierarchy.

What is required to be more effective at communicating Up the business chain, lateral to yourself or to those whom you direct and lead? How do we make sure we are taking into consideration the scope of responsibility and motivational drivers of others especially when they are different to ours yet we work together?

This episode is useful for people who work in environments that have a formal hierarchy as well as those that have an informal hierarchy or more level based business structure.

These are principles that will help you stay relevant, be effective and get noticed!


Episode 27: Workplace Skills of the Future

How to stay ahead of the trends

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This episode focuses on some of the elements that will be essential for ongoing success in business. These elements are equally valid whether you own the business or work in one.

This episode has been inspired by my experiences in many workplace cultures over many industries. It is also inspired by an article by Liz Burke on entitled: Millennials vs Machine. Skills Young Australians Need To Compete With Automation.

Developing your soft skills so to speak such as enhancing communication skills and understanding the differences in people are relevant skills not just for those starting out but for anyone looking to remain practical and relevant in business going forward!

More and more companies are starting to look for and value soft skills, best to know how to stay ahead of the trends.

Episode 24: What Gets In The Way?

There are so many reasons that we don't get what we want.

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This episode explores what some of those momentum blocking components are.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy so it is so valuable to know how it is that we can get in our own way. Understanding how we prevent our own success and how to identify these elements allows us to break through and get back on track.

I hope you enjoy this episode and that it helps you achieve your goals faster and helps you and others get "unstuck" faster!

Episode 23: Tips For Business - Start Ups To Millions

Featuring special guest Marty Vids

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Martin Vidakovic (aka: Marty Vids) is an amazing and highly successful entrepreneur. Marty also has the Marty Vids show, a podcast that interviews remarkable people in order to uncover the secrets of their success.

As far as Marty's business success it more than speaks for itself as he has built three businesses from Start up to a million dollars profit after tax per year. This is an accomplishment achieved by less than 3% of small businesses in Australia. 

An amazing guy with a profound personal story and great practical advice for anyone serious about building their business.

Marty can be found at or The Marty Vids show on iTunes .

I really appreciate Marty taking the time to share his business wisdom with us.

Episode 22: Embracing Mistakes

How do we respond effectively when we take a false step?

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There are a lot of elements that lead to people being successful and achieving grand visions. One of these that seems to be very common amongst high achievers is their relationship to mistakes. 

Episode 22 looks at being able to embrace mistakes and see the value in them. It is important to see mistakes as just a part of the process and not over personalise the experience.

Through changing our responses to these moments we can recover more readily, take the learnings, and not allow our confidence to be adversely affected.

The ability to make mistakes and keep moving forward regardless is essential in achieving goals.

Episode 20: The Here to There of Goal Setting

Elements of successful goal setting

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Episode 20 looks at some key elements that can support in delivering on our dreams.

This Episode is based around the Present to Desired State Model form the field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). NLP is the study of the patterns of excellence in highly successful individuals, the coding of those patterns in a way that makes it easy for the rest of us to utilise those patterns of effectiveness in our lives.

There appears to be a number of skill sets that successful individuals utilise regardless of what their field of endeavour or passion is and goal setting is certainly one that presents consistently. 

This episode is designed to aid the experienced and the novice with elements of effective goal setting. This method can be added to your already successful approach or utilised as a stand alone.

This framework is designed to add to your skill sets whilst still leaving room for you to embrace your own uniqueness in going about the process of achieving your goals.

I hope you find this to be of real practical value. Enjoy!

Episode 13: Avoiding Burnout

Many people are headed for burnout and aren't even aware that they are.

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Life, business and relationships can be so demanding! Our demanding lifestyles can pull us in all sorts of directions and we can be driven by guilt, obligation and pressure to deliver.

This episode of Tools explores ways to focus on finding an optimal life tempo rather than being trapped in chronic business without actually returning any greater productivity.

 What if by taking a slight step back we actually became more productive, more profitable and we could begin to enjoy our success rather than it become a trap. This Episode looks at how that can and is possible!

Episode 06: Relationship Success Patterns Part II

Knowing what works and what doesn’t work helps to safe guard relationship success, and optimises the chances of wonderful partnerships.

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This episode follows on from Episode 5 but takes a turn by looking at relationship patterns that disconnect us, frustrate us and despite good intention lead to relationship demise.

This episode combines a number of influences such as Dr John Gottman, author of The Relationship Cure with Joan DeClaire. Nita Tucker the author of Beyond Cinderella, How to Find the Man of Your Dreams and Marry Him, has some great insights into patterns that don’t work. Esther Perel author of Mating in Captivity ideas also influence this podcast and many others.


Episode 05: Relationship Success Patterns

Success in modern relationships requires new focus and understanding.

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Drawing form those that have gone before us is of limited value as the world around us is constantly changing.

This podcast focuses on looking at some of the patterns of behaviour that create success in our romantic relationships.

Drawing inspiration and knowledge from people like Esther Perel a 30 year veteran in couples counselling and author of  Mating in Captivity (Unlocking Erotic Intelligence) to provide supportive insights into relationship success.

This episode aims to bring some new focus, and challenge outdated assumptions.