Self Awareness in Parenting

Children are modelling their parents to know how to be in the world. The more we are aware of self as a parent, what triggers us and how we deal with stress the better we become as a role model. If a parent has awareness and effectively managers self, it creates an environment of greater stability for children. This episode looks at some of the focuses a parent can attend to regarding themselves that help children get the best start in life.

Attachment and Kids

Modern parenting is challenged in a way that has never before been seen.

The bond between parent and child that is so important for healthy childhood development is under pressure form distractions through lifestyle, business, social media and technology.

Regular rituals between child and parent to help keep the attachment bond healthy is vital. This episode looks at that bond and its importance in child raising.

Having Productive Disputes

Arguments and disagreements are a part of relationships, family and business life.

If approached effectively they can be a source of greater productivity, respect and connection. Approached poorly however and it can be a slow or rapid disintegration of a relationship. There are key elements and principles to take into mind to make disputes work for us and not against us. This episode explores some of those elements.

Recognising Emotional Fusion

Is it love or unhealthy emotional fusion that is keeping your relationship together, for now!

There are certain patterns that would indicate we are fused with our partner inappropriately. This blocks intimacy and freedom within the relationship and can ultimately

drain the relationship. Knowing what to be mindful of helps to keep our relationships meaningful, engaging and stable.

Stopping Emotional Abuse

Even with knowledge that we are experiencing emotional abuse in our relationship it doesn’t mean things will stop and get better. First and for most is making sure physical safety is the priority, then we can activate a plan to make changes. This episode looks at some of the ways in which a stand can be made against emotionally abusive behavior.

Advancing Functional Adult

Dealing with others and responding to the world from our best and most responsible place as an adult is so powerful for getting the most out of self and our relationships with others.
Through awareness and knowing what are the foundations of staying in our most functional adult space are can really help us to stay effective. Dealing with others through a raging adolescent style space or responding form our wounded inner child is only likely to make matters worse not better. Functional adult is a powerful self-development framework to know.

Adult Children Raised By Narcissists Part II

Certain challenges face the adult child of a Narcissist. It is important to become aware of the symptoms that can present in adult life as a result of your childhood experiences. Having knowledge of some of the obstacles is so valuable. Awareness leads to healing and recovery so that you are able to live the functional, joyous life you deserve without having to draw into your life more narcissists in an attempt to heal old wounds.

Adult Children Raised By Narcissists Part I

The experience of being raised by a narcissist can leave some deep wounds to work through as an adult, not to mention still trying to chase the love and affection you deserved from someone who is likely never to be able to give it.
This episode looks at the aspects of the narcissistic parent and what to be aware of if deciding to continue to go forward in relationship with them.
The topic is so large that it has been split into two episodes, Part 1 and Part 2.

Understanding Emotional Abuse

Moments of poor communication or hurtful exchanges are not the same as continual emotionally abusive behaviour that can erode a person’s self esteem and self trust.
Recognising the elements of emotional abuse and just how damaging it can be could be vital for some people in relationship. Self preservation, safety and a refusal to be continually exposed to toxic displays is so important. Through understanding we can begin to make informed changes towards healthier and loving relationships.

Embracing Shame

Toxic shame is a sense that you are wrong not just a feeling that you have done something wrong. The experience of toxic shame can be so terribly strong and drive people to react in all sorts of ways to try to escape the experience. Reacting to shame rather than responding to it often leads to more shame. In order to succeed in life, love and relationships it needs to be confronted and embraced. This episode explores how that can be done.

Emotional Crumbs

Depending on our family system and how our family of origin approached emotions provides us with a back drop of expectations regarding emotions. What we experienced in our family system becomes familiar and can influence our future relationship choices.
If there wasn’t much emotional sharing, acknowledgement and validation then our benchmark for what is acceptable can be quite low without any awareness on our behalf that things could be so much better.

Recognising Verbal Abuse

It is so important to our safety and self-esteem that we are aware of toxic relating patterns that can put us in danger. Verbal abuse is frightening and terrible to experience. It can also be a precursor to physical violence. Knowing how these dynamics operate in a relationship can save a person a lot of pain and confusion. This episode aims to aid in increasing that awareness.