Behaviour Patterns

Episode 08: Introducing The Family System

The I of who we are emerges from an us - The family we grew up in.

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This episode explores how we are parts of a larger whole known as our family system and how we adapt to support that larger system sometimes at the expense of self.

If you have ever been left bewildered by something that has happened in your family or confused with certain dynamics that are playing out with others, in particular, loved ones and work colleagues then this episode could be for you.

We will explore some ideas around healthy and unhealthy family dynamics and how they could be getting in the way of your happiness, success and fulfilment.

Episode 8 draws on some of the astounding contributions from therapists and recovery specialists such as Virginia Satir, John Bradshaw, Pia Melody, Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse and Claudia Black.

I hope you enjoy the episode!

Episode 05: Relationship Success Patterns

Success in modern relationships requires new focus and understanding.

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Drawing form those that have gone before us is of limited value as the world around us is constantly changing.

This podcast focuses on looking at some of the patterns of behaviour that create success in our romantic relationships.

Drawing inspiration and knowledge from people like Esther Perel a 30 year veteran in couples counselling and author of  Mating in Captivity (Unlocking Erotic Intelligence) to provide supportive insights into relationship success.

This episode aims to bring some new focus, and challenge outdated assumptions.