Self doubt

Episode 22: Embracing Mistakes

How do we respond effectively when we take a false step?

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There are a lot of elements that lead to people being successful and achieving grand visions. One of these that seems to be very common amongst high achievers is their relationship to mistakes. 

Episode 22 looks at being able to embrace mistakes and see the value in them. It is important to see mistakes as just a part of the process and not over personalise the experience.

Through changing our responses to these moments we can recover more readily, take the learnings, and not allow our confidence to be adversely affected.

The ability to make mistakes and keep moving forward regardless is essential in achieving goals.

Episode 18: Embracing The Imposter Syndrome

We all have moments where we don't feel like we are enough.

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I don't know enough, I don't do enough, I can't be enough! Anyone who is pushing their comfort zone, striving towards goals and building a future will find this Episode valuable. Many of us feel like a fraud from time to time and it really helps to have some methods to confront that.

Episode 18 of Embracing The Imposter Syndrome looks at tips and strategies for managing effectively when you enter that space of critical self-doubt. How to continue to show up and be seen even when we feel we are going to exposed as a fraud for all to see!

Through facing The Imposter Syndrome we can truly grow and develop a deeper sense of confidence as well as self belief!