What is NLP? 

NLP is the abbreviation of Neuro Linguistic Programming which is a system of studying success in all areas of life. The system is far more simplistic than the name would imply.

NLP is used by people all over the world in multiple areas of application with wonderful results. It can be utilised to produce success in business or in personal life. NLP can enhance your strengths and nullify your fears and weaknesses.


NLP is a way of studying those who have achieved the kind of exceptional results we would want to replicate in our lives and translating their skill sets into teachable aspects.


The process for this which is the core purpose of NLP is referred to as Modelling and is the vehicle through which the components of the expert’s skill sets are unpacked and codified.

Modelling looks to translate not only the components of the expert’s skill sets that are conscious to the expert, also the areas that are outside the conscious awareness of the expert but essential to the standard of result being replicated.


The process of modelling is the core activity of NLP. However through the process of studying the skills of experts and extracting teachable patterns that work we find that there are a number of patterns that have presented such as “Fast Phobia Cure” that are techniques that derive as a result of modelling through NLP.


To fully benefit from all NLP has to offer it is valuable to learn not only the techniques that came from modelling but learn how to model experts for self in the moment so as to take on and personalise new skills.


Why NLP modelling is so valuable is that it allows us to take exceptional skill and turn it into something teachable that self and others can utilise. The result is greater results achieved in less time.


The field of NLP originates in the early 1970s through two men situated at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Associate Professor John Grinder and undergraduate Richard Bandler who were fascinated with the field of human excellence. This desire led to them modelling three exceptional individuals, Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson. All three individuals were considered to be exceptional agents of change and from the modelling process of them many wonderful techniques to assist self and others have emerged.


NLP is a fascinating and amazing field which when utilised can open up a world of great potential and possibility.


Dependant on your requirements there are short application courses in NLP available or a certification pathway beginning with NLP Practitioner through NLP Master Practitioner to NLP Trainer.