Goal Setting

Episode 32: Self-Awareness and Business Intelligence

The fundamentals of creating a successful business

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Marty Vids is back on the program for this episode. I have heard of him being described as the Happy Entrepreneur which I think is very fitting! Apart from his integrity he has the results on the board having build three businesses from start up to a million dollars turn over a year after tax! Less than 3% of small business owners in Australia achieve that once let alone 3 times!

In this episode we cover a wide range of elements fundamental to creating a successful business, interacting with others, managing set backs and mastering adversity. Marty has a wealth of knowledge and insight to share around modern business, you will really enjoy and take away value form this episode!

Episode 26: A Ramble on Motivation

What makes motivation easier to sustain?

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Motivation for some can be about whipping oneself up into a frenzy of desire and activity. I have no issue with this as indeed for some people that is exactly what works!

However, for others, this can be difficult to sustain and that is what Episode 26 looks at. What elements of motivation are good to understand, and how do we operate in a way that supports our motivation and drives.

Self-care and effective strategies will make it easier for you to get motivated and maintain it as you move in the direction of the goals that you have set for yourself. 

Episode 21: Managing Extended Pressure

Identifying what our physical and emotional needs are is fundamental to anyone looking to grow, challenge and expand themselves

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Anyone who is building a business, working on a long-range project or managing life and family can experience periods where it just seems that nothing is working or gaining any real momentum is a grind. Knowing what to do to support yourself through this phase is vital so as to maintain ourselves and the relationships that we have around us.

Episode 21 Managing Extended Pressure looks at how we can sometimes be our own worst enemy by withdrawing from our network and dropping the ball on our self-care rituals. Identifying what our physical and emotional needs are is fundamental to anyone looking to grow, challenge and expand self through business, relationships or any other type of goal you have set for yourself.

How do we not only identify what works to assist us in continuing to show up our best but also how to we continue to stick to what works even when we sometimes don't feel like it.

I hope this episode aids you in moving through a tough period our helps you better prepare for what may be ahead.

Episode 20: The Here to There of Goal Setting

Elements of successful goal setting

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Episode 20 looks at some key elements that can support in delivering on our dreams.

This Episode is based around the Present to Desired State Model form the field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). NLP is the study of the patterns of excellence in highly successful individuals, the coding of those patterns in a way that makes it easy for the rest of us to utilise those patterns of effectiveness in our lives.

There appears to be a number of skill sets that successful individuals utilise regardless of what their field of endeavour or passion is and goal setting is certainly one that presents consistently. 

This episode is designed to aid the experienced and the novice with elements of effective goal setting. This method can be added to your already successful approach or utilised as a stand alone.

This framework is designed to add to your skill sets whilst still leaving room for you to embrace your own uniqueness in going about the process of achieving your goals.

I hope you find this to be of real practical value. Enjoy!