Episode 87: Making Progress In Life - Part II

Daily strategies for achieving success

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So you have established the areas of importance to you in your life, and some evidence for how you might like to continue to improve.

This episode looks at a practical daily strategy for achieving that success. How do we manage unplanned interruptions? How do we get back on track? How can we bypass frustration?

In this episode, we address goal setting with built-in secondary and tertiary targets for those days when life decides it has plans for us other than those we set out to achieve.

Little consistent steps in the right direction can over time build into really significant achievements.

Episode 86: Making Progress In Life

Practical planning for getting more out of life

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There is a saying for which I don't know the origin. "Structure provides freedom."

Some structure also helps with progress and human beings tend to do very well when they set a goal and feel that they are making progress towards that goal.

This episode is about setting up some broad structure so as to begin to set up a practical plan for getting more of what you want out of life. Once you nominate some categories of importance to you such as health, friends, romantic relationship and career, then you have a base to measure progress going forward. What are the key areas in your life that deserve some time, focus and attention from you so as to serve as a start point for incremental, measurable steps forward on a consistent basis?

I hope this episode gives you some good insight into setting up a strong foundation or building on what you already have so as to get more of what you want. Enjoy!