Episode 17: Parenting Styles

Through greater awareness, we become more emotionally attuned to the needs and requirements of children.

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Episode 17 Parenting Styles explores some of the ways in which we were parented. This awareness can be profound as it opens the door for more present and conscious parenting.

Especially in moments of stress and challenge which are unavoidable as a parent, it can prevent us from reverting back to what we were exposed to in particular if that was painful to experience as a child.

Episode 17 draws from the work of Jonice Webb Phd with Christine Musello and their profound book Running on Empty. Through greater awareness, we become more emotionally attuned to the needs and requirements of children as we navigate the ever challenging nature of modern parenting and its consequences.

I hope this episode promotes more exploration around what it is to be the champion, guide and protector of young ones.

Episode 14: Knowing Your Adult Attachment Style

The strength of I emerges from a strong foundation of us!

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How is it that our relationships, in particular, our primary romantic ones can be our greatest source strength or greatest source of pain.

Episode 14 explores attachment theory and adult bonding. This episode draws from an amazing book on relationship dynamics Attached - The New Science of Adult Attachment and How it can help you find - and keep - love.

I was both elated and struck with grief when I came across this information and its ability to illuminate some of my past relationship dynamics. Knowing whether you have traits of secure, anxious or avoidant attachment can go along way in creating deeply stable relationships and understanding that we don't all have the same capacity for intimacy.

Episode 12: Persuasion & Influence Tips

Ever wondered why it is that you said Yes to something when you meant to say no?

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Or had purchase regret? Why did I agree to go to that function when I really didn't want to!

Ep 12 looks at Cialdini's Unconscious Influence Patterns and how they can have dramatic effects on our decision making in business, relationships, and life. This episode draws from the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini to help create greater awareness around how we are being influenced and directionalized, and not always for our best good!

Learn about how you can use these patterns to both advance your goals and defend against poor choices.