Episode 69: Artful Vulnerability in Conversation

Promote deeper, richer connection between ourselves and others.

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Ever tried to have a conversation with someone where you thought you'd risk showing yourself only to find that you came away feeling frustrated and unacknowledged?

The ability to share effectively in conversation relies on both parties involved. There is the responsibility of the sender and the responsibility of the receiver. This episode looks at the message sender and what we can do to promote deeper, richer connection between ourselves and others.

What are some of the key elements to consider when we want to share with another, things that are important to us and also leave us feeling a little raw. How do we take conversational risks in genuine vulnerability whilst doing the best we can to maximise a good conversational result for both the sender and the receiver?

Having more tools and strategies around effective conversation is just so vital to the ongoing health of both our personal and professional relationships.

Episode 50: Fostering Intimacy

How intimacy transforms relationships

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With so many relationships not going the distance and people in relationship wishing for a more intimate connection with their partner, what is missing?

Many people express a desire to be more intimate and then find that they are unable to sit in the vulnerability that arises as a result. Instead of challenging our partners to be closer, the paradox is we need to examine and understand what it takes for us to be closer.

This episode looks at some of the differences in Self Validated Intimacy vs Other Validated Intimacy and what are the consequences in relationship when we adopt either pathway to attempt to bridge the gap between self and another.

When we can really begin to know who we are, validate that and not be reliant on solely the positive reflection of our partner to feel good about self, relationships can transform!

Episode 16: Creating Trust

When we feel psychologically safe, our best emerges.

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We can be so busy trying to appear confident and competent that we can forget how important it is to convey to others that we can be trusted. When we feel psychologically safe our best emerges, especially when mirrored and fostered by those around us.

Episode 16 looks at some of the measurable touch points that allow us to create and foster trust. Through following these frameworks our colleagues and partners know we can be relied upon. It also provides a measurable focus through which we can determine if those around us are worthy of our trust.

This Episode borrows from the ideas of Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy author of Presence and leading Vulnerability researcher Brené Brown Phd author of such books as Daring Greatly amongst other ideas.