Episode 07: Customer Classification

Expanding our contacts and data base is vital to long term business success.

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This Episode looks at a strategy for managing customers and getting the most out of existing business networks whilst building new contacts.

This episode combines the work of Global philanthropist Marshall Thurber and author Malcom Gladwell who has written a number of best-selling books such as The Tipping Point and Blink.

The formula addressed in this episode can really assist in maximising time and focus for building connections.


Episode 04: Understanding Emotional Bids

Emotional Bids are the ways in which we reach out for emotional connection from others.

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It is a central component to why any relationship with another can continue to grow or dissolve.

Emotional Bids go back and forth between individuals all the time and how you respond or others respond to you is vital to relationship health. Knowing this essential concept can support your intimate primary relationship, business relationships and friendships.

Emotional Bids are part of the work of relationship researcher Dr John Gottman, author of the book The Relationship Cure written with Joan DeClaire. 

Anyone wanting to create better connections in their lives need to know about managing Emotional Bids.