Emotional Neglect

Settling for Emotional Crumbs

If life growing up in your family meant that you had one or both parents unable to emotionally connect with you, frequently absent and unavailable then you might relate to what I want to discuss.

Emotional neglect has many symptoms and one of those is settling for emotional crumbs in our relationships. Crumbs are small portions or scraps and if you have been starved of emotional connection most of your life you will gratefully take what you can get.


Emotional Neglect Symptoms

If you are a person who experiences symptoms of Emotional Neglect, it can be quite baffling at times. Having experienced as a child the consistent mismanagement of our feelings by our parents can have tremendous impact in adulthood.

Emotional neglect stems from what wasn’t present in our childhoods rather than what did happen. What didn’t happen in the way of emotional validation, nurture, education and support. Many adults are trying to make themselves happy having been raised with little to no emotional literacy!