Absolute Yes!

There is a mountain of great material available in the self development community and the really good bits tend to stay with you.

The concept of the “Absolute Yes!” is one such workable platform to really assist in moving forward in life and making effective decisions.

The idea is that if there is anything you are considering in your life and it doesn’t absolutely light you up and excite you then leave it alone! Pretty good is still a no!

The entrepreneur Derek Sivers refers to this as “Hell Yes or No!”

Time is the only resource that we cannot renew so why would we waste our time trying to pursue mildly appealing activities, people or jobs?

Find what you absolutely love and do that! Motivation ebbs and flows. At some point especially when following long range projects, we are going to experience the dip, feel unfocused, be unproductive. If we are pursing what we absolutely love, then this will help to more readily draw us back on course.

If there is something you are mildly interested in or some one, then this isn’t enough. Walk away and keep searching, don’t let the fear that this might be the best I can do run your life.

You may need time to explore what your absolute yes representations are and position your life so that you can engage effectively in them. However, as we get busier and opportunities get put before us it is a very helpful way of sorting through what is presenting.

If the Absolute Yes hasn’t appeared yet, then hold the space and keep looking.

So simple yet so effective! Enjoy!