Episode 25: The Art Of Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is so vital for many areas in life

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It is essentail for businesses to move forward, for individuals to continue to improve, and for relationships to stay healthy.

This episode looks at tips both for when you are looking to get feedback from others and also for when you are in the position of delivering feedback.

Depending on how we set things up when it is time to offer feedback can have a massive impact on how well and effective the whole process goes.

People who are looking to get better in any area of life are more likely than not going to have to seek out feedback. If we are passionate enough about where it is we are going then we can incorporate and even embrace feedback we need that may not be the feedback we want!

Episode 24: What Gets In The Way?

There are so many reasons that we don't get what we want.

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This episode explores what some of those momentum blocking components are.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy so it is so valuable to know how it is that we can get in our own way. Understanding how we prevent our own success and how to identify these elements allows us to break through and get back on track.

I hope you enjoy this episode and that it helps you achieve your goals faster and helps you and others get "unstuck" faster!

Episode 23: Tips For Business - Start Ups To Millions

Featuring special guest Marty Vids

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Martin Vidakovic (aka: Marty Vids) is an amazing and highly successful entrepreneur. Marty also has the Marty Vids show, a podcast that interviews remarkable people in order to uncover the secrets of their success.

As far as Marty's business success it more than speaks for itself as he has built three businesses from Start up to a million dollars profit after tax per year. This is an accomplishment achieved by less than 3% of small businesses in Australia. 

An amazing guy with a profound personal story and great practical advice for anyone serious about building their business.

Marty can be found at www.martyvids.com.au or The Marty Vids show on iTunes .

I really appreciate Marty taking the time to share his business wisdom with us.

Episode 22: Embracing Mistakes

How do we respond effectively when we take a false step?

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There are a lot of elements that lead to people being successful and achieving grand visions. One of these that seems to be very common amongst high achievers is their relationship to mistakes. 

Episode 22 looks at being able to embrace mistakes and see the value in them. It is important to see mistakes as just a part of the process and not over personalise the experience.

Through changing our responses to these moments we can recover more readily, take the learnings, and not allow our confidence to be adversely affected.

The ability to make mistakes and keep moving forward regardless is essential in achieving goals.

Episode 21: Managing Extended Pressure

Identifying what our physical and emotional needs are is fundamental to anyone looking to grow, challenge and expand themselves

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Anyone who is building a business, working on a long-range project or managing life and family can experience periods where it just seems that nothing is working or gaining any real momentum is a grind. Knowing what to do to support yourself through this phase is vital so as to maintain ourselves and the relationships that we have around us.

Episode 21 Managing Extended Pressure looks at how we can sometimes be our own worst enemy by withdrawing from our network and dropping the ball on our self-care rituals. Identifying what our physical and emotional needs are is fundamental to anyone looking to grow, challenge and expand self through business, relationships or any other type of goal you have set for yourself.

How do we not only identify what works to assist us in continuing to show up our best but also how to we continue to stick to what works even when we sometimes don't feel like it.

I hope this episode aids you in moving through a tough period our helps you better prepare for what may be ahead.

Episode 20: The Here to There of Goal Setting

Elements of successful goal setting

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Episode 20 looks at some key elements that can support in delivering on our dreams.

This Episode is based around the Present to Desired State Model form the field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). NLP is the study of the patterns of excellence in highly successful individuals, the coding of those patterns in a way that makes it easy for the rest of us to utilise those patterns of effectiveness in our lives.

There appears to be a number of skill sets that successful individuals utilise regardless of what their field of endeavour or passion is and goal setting is certainly one that presents consistently. 

This episode is designed to aid the experienced and the novice with elements of effective goal setting. This method can be added to your already successful approach or utilised as a stand alone.

This framework is designed to add to your skill sets whilst still leaving room for you to embrace your own uniqueness in going about the process of achieving your goals.

I hope you find this to be of real practical value. Enjoy!

Episode 19: Settling For Emotional Crumbs

What are we tolerating in our lives as far as emotional treatment goes?

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Depending on our experiences growing up with Emotions and our families approach to dealing with feelings it will affect our adult lives.

If the bench mark for emotional attunement and nurture was low then we may be unwittingly settling for way less than we deserve because it is what is familiar to us even if it isn't pleasant!

What do we deserve? What are we allowing or not allowing when it comes to emotional literacy and our most central romantic and business relationships?

For many, adequate let alone effective emotional management is an area that we simply weren't taught as effectively as we could have been. Maybe it is time for an emotional inventory and review?

Episode 18: Embracing The Imposter Syndrome

We all have moments where we don't feel like we are enough.

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I don't know enough, I don't do enough, I can't be enough! Anyone who is pushing their comfort zone, striving towards goals and building a future will find this Episode valuable. Many of us feel like a fraud from time to time and it really helps to have some methods to confront that.

Episode 18 of Embracing The Imposter Syndrome looks at tips and strategies for managing effectively when you enter that space of critical self-doubt. How to continue to show up and be seen even when we feel we are going to exposed as a fraud for all to see!

Through facing The Imposter Syndrome we can truly grow and develop a deeper sense of confidence as well as self belief!

Episode 17: Parenting Styles

Through greater awareness, we become more emotionally attuned to the needs and requirements of children.

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Episode 17 Parenting Styles explores some of the ways in which we were parented. This awareness can be profound as it opens the door for more present and conscious parenting.

Especially in moments of stress and challenge which are unavoidable as a parent, it can prevent us from reverting back to what we were exposed to in particular if that was painful to experience as a child.

Episode 17 draws from the work of Jonice Webb Phd with Christine Musello and their profound book Running on Empty. Through greater awareness, we become more emotionally attuned to the needs and requirements of children as we navigate the ever challenging nature of modern parenting and its consequences.

I hope this episode promotes more exploration around what it is to be the champion, guide and protector of young ones.

Episode 16: Creating Trust

When we feel psychologically safe, our best emerges.

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We can be so busy trying to appear confident and competent that we can forget how important it is to convey to others that we can be trusted. When we feel psychologically safe our best emerges, especially when mirrored and fostered by those around us.

Episode 16 looks at some of the measurable touch points that allow us to create and foster trust. Through following these frameworks our colleagues and partners know we can be relied upon. It also provides a measurable focus through which we can determine if those around us are worthy of our trust.

This Episode borrows from the ideas of Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy author of Presence and leading Vulnerability researcher Brené Brown Phd author of such books as Daring Greatly amongst other ideas.

Episode 15: Keeping Desire Alive for Busy Couples

How do we continue to allow love to grow without killing the fires of passion or dulling them in constant demands of our lives?

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There is so much pressure these days on us and life can place a lot of demands. Added to this is the changing landscape of modern relationships that require a different approach to continue to stay fresh, alive and invigorated!

Episode 15 looks at what couples need to focus on to continue to thrive in relationship whilst building and running businesses. Love is in part about dependability and stability. Desire is about novelty and mystery. 

A small shift in focus and attention can really provide amazing rewards in our most intimate of relationships! To have the ability to renew and invigorate on an ongoing basis in relationship is so powerful!

Episode 14: Knowing Your Adult Attachment Style

The strength of I emerges from a strong foundation of us!

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How is it that our relationships, in particular, our primary romantic ones can be our greatest source strength or greatest source of pain.

Episode 14 explores attachment theory and adult bonding. This episode draws from an amazing book on relationship dynamics Attached - The New Science of Adult Attachment and How it can help you find - and keep - love.

I was both elated and struck with grief when I came across this information and its ability to illuminate some of my past relationship dynamics. Knowing whether you have traits of secure, anxious or avoidant attachment can go along way in creating deeply stable relationships and understanding that we don't all have the same capacity for intimacy.

Episode 13: Avoiding Burnout

Many people are headed for burnout and aren't even aware that they are.

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Life, business and relationships can be so demanding! Our demanding lifestyles can pull us in all sorts of directions and we can be driven by guilt, obligation and pressure to deliver.

This episode of Tools explores ways to focus on finding an optimal life tempo rather than being trapped in chronic business without actually returning any greater productivity.

 What if by taking a slight step back we actually became more productive, more profitable and we could begin to enjoy our success rather than it become a trap. This Episode looks at how that can and is possible!

Episode 12: Persuasion & Influence Tips

Ever wondered why it is that you said Yes to something when you meant to say no?

podcast ep 11.png

Or had purchase regret? Why did I agree to go to that function when I really didn't want to!

Ep 12 looks at Cialdini's Unconscious Influence Patterns and how they can have dramatic effects on our decision making in business, relationships, and life. This episode draws from the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini to help create greater awareness around how we are being influenced and directionalized, and not always for our best good!

Learn about how you can use these patterns to both advance your goals and defend against poor choices.

Episode 11: Face Works - Taking your Facebook Friends from 400 to 4000

Taking your Facebook Friends from 400 to 4000.

podcast ep 11.png

This Episode explains the method and principles I employed to build my Facebook friends network to over 4000 in a short space of time. I love to share tools and strategies that help people get the best return for the amount of time they have invested into their goals.

I discuss how I used a combination of ideas from Seth Godin, author of such books as Purple Cow - Transform your Business by Being Remarkable, and What to do When it's your Turn (and it's always your turn), with the work of Robert Cialdini, the author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. I combined Seth's ideas with two of Cialdini's Unconscious Influence Patterns to produce a rapid growth in my network. 

The more we can grow our network with methods and tools that work the greater our opportunities, possibilities, profitability and connection. I hope you find it helpful.

Episode 10: Embracing Rejection

How do we become the kind of person who says yes to the experience of people saying no to us!

podcast ep 10.png

This podcast looks at providing strategies around the effective management of our responses when others turn us down! 

Handling rejection is one of the key success elements for achieving our precious dreams and goals. Rejection can actually be a vital step forward in getting where we want to go so you could be missing out if you try to sidestep it. 

Learning how to neutralise our responses to being rejected can release so much stress and anxiety! I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed making it!

Episode 09: Tips for Dynamic Parenting

Foundational frames to support parents in raising happy, healthy, and confident children. 

podcast ep 9.png

Parenting is such a challenging role, and like never before, modern parenting is presented with some novel hurdles to overcome.

This episode is based around some of the work of world-renowned author on codependency Pia Mellody combined with a number of other sources. In brief, we touch upon self-esteem, boundaries for children, teaching a moderate approach to life and much more. This episode is aimed at providing the listener with some fundamental touch points in supporting the welfare of your child or children. 

Episode 08: Introducing The Family System

The I of who we are emerges from an us - The family we grew up in.

podcast ep 8.png

This episode explores how we are parts of a larger whole known as our family system and how we adapt to support that larger system sometimes at the expense of self.

If you have ever been left bewildered by something that has happened in your family or confused with certain dynamics that are playing out with others, in particular, loved ones and work colleagues then this episode could be for you.

We will explore some ideas around healthy and unhealthy family dynamics and how they could be getting in the way of your happiness, success and fulfilment.

Episode 8 draws on some of the astounding contributions from therapists and recovery specialists such as Virginia Satir, John Bradshaw, Pia Melody, Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse and Claudia Black.

I hope you enjoy the episode!

Episode 07: Customer Classification

Expanding our contacts and data base is vital to long term business success.

podcast ep 7.png

This Episode looks at a strategy for managing customers and getting the most out of existing business networks whilst building new contacts.

This episode combines the work of Global philanthropist Marshall Thurber and author Malcom Gladwell who has written a number of best-selling books such as The Tipping Point and Blink.

The formula addressed in this episode can really assist in maximising time and focus for building connections.


Episode 06: Relationship Success Patterns Part II

Knowing what works and what doesn’t work helps to safe guard relationship success, and optimises the chances of wonderful partnerships.

podcast ep 6.png

This episode follows on from Episode 5 but takes a turn by looking at relationship patterns that disconnect us, frustrate us and despite good intention lead to relationship demise.

This episode combines a number of influences such as Dr John Gottman, author of The Relationship Cure with Joan DeClaire. Nita Tucker the author of Beyond Cinderella, How to Find the Man of Your Dreams and Marry Him, has some great insights into patterns that don’t work. Esther Perel author of Mating in Captivity ideas also influence this podcast and many others.